civil supremacy

The World is fighting a monster but yet some are quarreling over the split milk. Amidst the destructions of CoVid-19, no one in Pakistan has forgotten the point-scoring. The PTI-led government, almost after 2 long years, is busy in getting the approvals for their very right to rule. Back to back failures and inexperiences have exposed the government. While on the other hand the state is overloaded with the debts. It is so that crisis doesn’t give birth to the leaders but just give chances to the politicians to become a leader. The aftermath of the 1965 and 1971 wars, gave birth to the term ‘Bhuttoism’. Similarly, the Covid-19 will be a reason for some to rise and for many to fall.


The Civil-Military terms in Pakistan have always been the most critical topic to-date. A trifle crack in the wall of trust had proved disastrous in the past. From Sikander Mirza to Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, from Benazir Bhutto to Nawaz Sharif, everyone chastised for breaching the unknown and self-set criteria of patriotism. Nawaz Sharif warned khan before the elections that the love in Pakistan has always been one-sided and it will remain in your case as well. The Patriots don’t like the ones who abandon them even on the purely civil fronts. But who knows when the winds change the directions. Imran Khan is neither the first nor the last who has annoyed the true stakeholders.

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An article in the UK based newspaper mentioned clearly that the army sidelined Imran Khan amidst the corona Pandemic. Imran khan promulgated that there will be no lockdown while the DG ISPR announced the movement of Armed Forces to ensure the lockdown. A clear civil-military conflict could be smelled out. The military deems khan as an incapable man regarding the corona pandemic. After that, Khan met with DG ISI and COAS Bajwa. The visit of Mr. Bajwa and General Faiz Hameed are of importance during the concatenation of these events. Mr. Khan has repeatedly encouraged the nation verbally on live press conferences but pragmatism is seen nowhere. PPP spokesperson Nafeesa Shah urged the need to fill in the blanks so that no other could get the chance.

The role of military

The role of the military is very important respectively, not only in Pakistan but all over the world. Unluckily, Pakistan has bitter precincts. Afghanistan and then India are the two thorns in Pakistan’s side. These neighbors are half natural and half mismanaged rivals. The tough neighbors are also a major reason for Pakistan’s army to meddle into the civil affairs starting from foreign policy. Bygones are bygones, the military junta has played an important role in the Afghan-Taliban peace talks. Although it stood behind the curtains and in the disguise of the Pakistan government. After the Musharraf regime, the army cannot afford to step forward like Zia and Musharraf who are responsible for Pakistan now.

Few recent proceedings in the government bloc are also of importance. The nomination of former DG ISPR Asim Saleem Bajwa as the Special Assistant on information is an unprecedented move. This unveils the government’s losing grip on the circumstances amidst the Pandemic. It gave a reason to the masters to look over the situation with the person whose ‘credibility needs no proof’. The eighteenth amendment in 2010 had raised hopes in the past but now it seems that “they”learned to play accordingly. The anticipations regarding the governmental freedom shattered again on Nawaz Sharif’s sad departure from PM house in 2017. Howsoever, all the things moving in Pakistan now prove that the civil supremacy in Pakistan was a dream and will be a dream for the decades to come.

Written by: Mansoor Ahmed Kataria 
He is an LLB student at Punjab University Lahore associated with student politics.


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