A Chinese woman found herself in a rather awkward situation with her blind date after Zhengzhou authorities decided to impose immediate lockdown in the neighbourhood shw was in.

According to BBC, the woman who identified herself as Ms Wang said that she was advancing to an age where her marriage prospects would be limited in China; in light of that, her parents arranged 10 blind dates. Date number five told her that he was a good cook and invited her to his home so that he may cook her dinner.

“I’m getting quite old, so my parents arranged more than 10 blind dates for me,” she said in a social media post.

Her date’s community went into immediate lockdown during their meal resulting in her being stranded in his home for four days. Wang said that although the “situation was not ideal”, her date cooked meals for her during those four days.

Ms Wang called her date’s food “mediocre” and described him as being “as silent as a wooden mannequin”.

“Besides the fact that he’s as mute as a wooden mannequin, everything else [about him] is pretty good,”

During her time in her date’s home, Ms Wang decided to film their daily activities. She would film him cooking meals for her and working on his laptop as she slept. The videos were uploaded onto a Chinese social media platform called WeChat. After the videos went viral online, she took them down as they started affecting her date’s personal life.

“Friends have been calling him and I think this has definitely affected his life, so I have taken them down for now,”

Zhengzhou has faced an outbreak in Covid cases with approximately 100 cases reported within a week. Zhengzhou houses 12.6 million residents and testing drives have been initiated for any “silent carriers”.


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