Chelsea could spend four years away from Stamford Bridge as plans to build a new stadium emerge.

According to the Daily Mail, the Blues are considering building a new stadium that could cost £2billion to complete.

Boehly has grand plans to try and take Chelsea to the next levelRichard Pelham / The Sun

Those plans will mean knocking down Stamford Bridge and building a new stadium on the same site

With Todd Boehly in charge, Chelsea are looking to build a state-of-the-art 60,000 capacity ground on the same spot as their current stadium, one that his been their home since 1905.

Such a project would take at least four years to complete, with the new stadium ready and available to play in by 2030.

As a result, Chelsea face the prospect of several seasons away from their home ground.

Fulham’s Craven Cottage is one option that has been proposed, while playing fixtures at Twickenham or Wembley Stadium could also be options.

It’s been suggested that league fixtures could be played at the home of their rivals Fulham, while Champions League and category A top flight fixtures could be played at Twickenham or Wembley.

Given that Fulham were allowed to use Loftus Road, the home of Queens Park Rangers, when Craven Cottage was being refitted in 2002 it’s thought that they’d be open to the suggestion of hosting the Blues.

Building a new stadium will be tough and expensive due to its location in west London

However the £2bn project to rebuild their own stadium would not be without complication due to local railway and tube lines, an underground river and an adjacent cemetery.

That said, it’s reported that the owners ‘do not see these issues as prohibitive.’


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