Causes of water pollution.

Do You Know About Water Pollution?

Water pollution is the type of pollution in which water is mingling with the impurities. Mainly human activities are responsible for this act. When there is a slight change in the natural environment then it is called water pollution. There are different causes of water pollution. These causes had destroyed water bodies on earth. Water bodies are different types that include for example lakes, rivers, oceans, aquifers, and groundwater.

First, we have to measure the quantity of water and its forms. The Earth contains almost 1.386 billion km³ (333 million cubic miles) volume of water. Out of that 97.5% is salty water and 2.5% is Freshwater. The most interesting fact is that only 0.3% of freshwater is in liquid form.

What Are The Causes Of Water Pollution?

There are different reasons for water pollution and here we are mentioning some of them. As we mentioned above the percentage of water on earth. But do you know that almost 70% of the industrial waste is dumped in water that are the main causes of water pollution. According to a report, water is polluted with 80% of domestic sewage. Water is the main part of life. We produce almost 6 billion pounds of garbage mainly plastic that is dumped in the oceans every year. Due to that polluted water different diseases formed like Cholera and Typhus. According to one report, 15 million children under 5 years of age die because of drinking that contaminated water.

Water Issues In Developing Countries

Asian Rivers and lakes contain the most polluted and impure water than any other continent. Mainly, these lakes contain Bacteria of Human waste. According to the report, almost two million tons of human waste is released in water daily.

People in developing countries depend on agriculture. For that, they need fresh water for cropping. But due to shortage of the freshwater, they use contaminated water. That contaminated water contains different chemicals that are transferred into human bodies.

Water Scarcity Effects

After the causes of water pollution, There are 4 different areas that lie underwater scarcity effects.

  1. Health: Due to a shortage of fresh water, people in developing countries drink water from streams. Mainly, these streams contain contaminated water that causes health problems. So we have noticed that mainly contaminated water is in standing position. Different insects like mosquito breed in that water and cause Malaria like diseases.
  2. Hunger: We know that a lot of water is needed for yielding crops. When water is polluted and we have less amount of freshwater that cause deaths to farms and yields. That process will cause hunger.
  3. Education: You are thinking right now that what is the relation between water and education?. Right? But have you ever noticed the life of rural areas?. When they wake up the first thing they have to do is to bring water. They walk miles and miles for that to bring water. Children sometimes miss the school timing for that and when they have to bring water daily. Now you can imagine, how hard is that problem.
  4. Poverty: When water is polluted, there will be no food and no hotels, no restaurants, no tourists. That means no foreign investments. As everything needs water, so definitely the causes of water pollution generate poverty.

The Sources Of Water Pollution

There are different sources of water pollution,

Sewage ( Water Waste)

Water waste that comes from domestic use and industrial use. This is the main source of water pollution. We have to convert that water waste into environment-friendly.

Agriculture Pollution

Another source of water pollution is agricultural pollution. Moreover, most of the countries are agricultural-based counties. They use fertilizers, animal waste, and also pesticides that are the causes of water pollution.

Oil pollution

Oil spillage causes oil pollution, this is due to shipwreck in oceans and seas. Do you know there are 1800 spillage cases since 1970? That causes a lot of problems for aquatic lives. Moreover, you can read the report on Oil pollution Click here.

Radioactive Substances

Radioactive Substances are another source of water pollution. Moreover, Radioactive Substances are practicable in different industries and Nuclear Power plants. Their waste is deposit into the water that becomes the causes of water pollution and also creates serious problems force environment.

What Are The Effects Of Water Pollution?

We know how serious are the effects of water pollution, here I mentioned some of the effects.

Effects Of Water Pollution On Human Health

According to the WHO report, almost 485,000 people died each year due to water pollution. Contaminated water also makes people ill. It causes many diseases that affect human beings.

Causes of Water Pollution.

Effects Of Water Pollution On The Environment

We know that to live a healthy life, we need a better environment, fresh water, fresh food, that are the basic need of every living thing. When water contaminates, it decreases the oxygen level, again affects the marine ecosystem. There are many marine species that are endangering species due to water pollution. According to the WHO report, by 2025, half of the world will live in a water-stressed area.

What Can You Do To Prevent The Causes Of Water Pollution?

Everyone can contribute to overcoming the Causes of Water Pollution.

  1. Reduce the consumption of plastic or reduce or reuse if it can be.
  2. Convert the waste material into eco-friendly, so that it can’t affect the environment.
  3. Also, reduce pesticides or fertilizers.
  4. Follow Clean Water’s Acts.
  5. Finally, Suggest to us, some other ways to save our water.

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