Coronavirus has positive Effects on the environment

Coronavirus Has Positive Effects On The Environment

Coronavirus Effects On The Environment The start of 2020 brings so many difficulties for not only a single country but the whole world. The...
Passport of Pakistan

Passport Of Pakistan and immigration- Types Of Passports

Passport of Pakistan and immigration are governed by the ministry of interior. So According to the passport Act 1974 and visa manual 2006, passports are issued to...
Effects of Climate change

Climate Change and Pakistan- Effects and Causes

Climate Change  Climate change is a change in the statistical distribution of weather patterns. When that change lasts for an extended period of time (i.e., decades to millions of years)....
Education System In Pakistan

Education System In Pakistan- Problems & Recommendations

The Situation Of Education System In Pakistan Education is the basis for the social & economic growth of every state. According to the Constitution...
Causes of water pollution.

Causes of Water Pollution | How Water Degradation Affects Human Life?

Do You Know About Water Pollution? Water pollution is the type of pollution in which water is mingling with the impurities. Mainly human...

Violence Against Women’s Rights In Rural Areas

IntroductionViolence against women's rights  Women’s rights are fundamental rights that were given by the constitution of Pakistan 1973 in article 8-28. These rights are...
Constructivist theory of learning

Constructivist Theory Of Learning- Importance, Principles & Faces Of Constructivism

What Is Constructivist Theory Of Learning? Do you know about the term Constructivism.? It is actually adopted by Nicholas Onuf in 1989. He defines it...

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