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afghanistan peac etalks with US

Afghanistan Peace Talks: Is Peace Achievable In Afghanistan?

The answer to this question is now being asked by the people of Afghanistan. What would be the outcome of the Afghanistan peace talks? Who has kept the dream...
Peace Talks with Taliban

Peace Talks with Taliban- What’s Inside The Deal To End War & Pullout Of...

The US and the Taliban agreed to end the 18 years of war that cost thousands of lives and bring peace. The Peace deal ensures a pullout of US...
Importance of Indian ocean

Economic & Geostrategic importance of Indian Ocean

Why The Indian Ocean Is Significant? The third-largest Indian Ocean has emerged as the most significant for security, strategy, and economy in the Asia-Pacific littoral. The importance of the Indian...
Azad Jammu And Kashmir

Azad Jammu And Kashmir- The Epic Kashmir Story

Azad Jammu And Kashmir Every individual, as a human being, has 3 stages in his life. Such as Childhood, Youth and old age. Similarly, nations and states also have...
Sunni vs Shia

Sunni Vs Shia- Analysis on Sunni Shia Split In Iraq By USA

Sunni Vs Shia- Division of Middle East Many Iraqi politicians are denying that they say they are all ideologies and premature claims. While rising distances between Sunni vs Shia leaders...
US Taliban Peace Talks

US Taliban Peace Talks & Role Of Pakistan

US-Taliban Peace Talks & Role Of Pakistan The US-Taliban peace talks refer to the negotiations to end the ongoing war in Afghanistan which started in 2001 after the incident of...
Civil War Causes

Civil War Causes and Effects| Top 10 Civil Wars |

Top 10 Civil Wars: We can define ''Civil War'' as a rough conflict inside the limit of a specific nation battled. It can be started by sorting out gatherings that...

Trump new policies: Power game behind the Middle East.

Trump new policies A few days ago, US President Donald Trump at his farm house in Florida along with his advisory committee, decides to kill Iranian General Qasim Sulaimani....
Cuban missile crisis


Written By OSAMA TABASAM Background of Cuban missile Crisis: Cuba was first under the control of Spain before 1899. On 1st Jan 1899, Cuban control passed from Spain to the United...

US and Cuba Relations; 1989-1999

Written by Osama Tabasam US and CUBA Relations between the US and Cuba have been interdependent for a long time. Since 1960, the United States has maintained economic sanctions against Cuba....