Sunday, January 24, 2021
International Center for Settlement of Investment Disp­utes, ICSID

Reko Dig Mining Case; Who was at fault?

On July 14, 2019, International Center for Settlement of Investment Disp­utes (ICSID), which is one of the five organisations of the World Bank, slapped Pakistan with a $5.9 billion...
America first

Trump’s “America First” national security strategy.

Written by: Shamsuddin Baloch   Trump's America first theme reflects the center's consistent view that the United States is on an exceptional nation that should answer to its own citizens, through...
Economic Globalization

The Idea of Economic Globalization is the modern type of Colonialism

Written by: WAQAR AHMED Global politics is centered by the International Political Economy, mainly focused on the accumulation of wealth by a few sets of minds(Economic Globalization). The world is...