Sunday, January 24, 2021
smart lockdown

Smart Lockdown in Azad Kashmir

Coronavirus also termed as COVID-19 has put the world into a coop. The total number of confirmed cases globally is around 2,908,527. Also, the worldwide death toll tops 200,000...
Freedom Fighters

The Sons Who Never Returned- A Story Of Freedom Fighters

The ones we love are enemies of the state. From childhood, Hasan had revolutionary inspirations. He was the youngest amongst his family members. This was the reason because of...
oil market crash 2020

Oil Market Crash 2020 – Cheaper Than Fries

Oil market crash 2020 and possible factors While the world is going through the coronavirus crisis.  We also observed the oil market crash 2020 unilaterally imposed by Saudi Arabia....
national security

Media Perception- How Can We Correlate It With National Security?

Media is now considered as the fourth pillar of the state in the modern era which helps the state to further its interests, objectives, and goals. It has a...
Man All-Powerful But Helpless – Najam us Saqib

Man Is All-Powerful But Helpless – Najam us Saqib

Man All-Powerful But Helpless, War- irrespective of its type has to end one day and the time frame between two wars is called Peace. This time frame is utilized...
COVID19 Pandemic

COVID19 Pandemic Stir the World

COVI-19 Pandemic How COVID19 Pandemic stirs the world and our response towards it. Coronaviruses (CoV) are a large family of viruses that cause illness ranging from the common...
COVID19 Pandemic

More Chronic than Coronavirus Outbreak – A different perspective

Coronavirus Outbreak From the Black Death to smallpox, Sars to Avian Influenza. Moreover, Ebola to Leprosy we the humans fought and came out victorious every time. Human beings together have...
Bureaucratic structure

Bureaucratic Dilemma-Bureaucratic Structure Challenges & Prospects

Bureaucratic Structure Pakistan’s Bureaucratic structure inherited from the British Colonial Regime. Indeed Max Weber was first to describe that term which derived the theory of bureaucracy. When the British...
kartarpur corridor

Kartarpur Corridor- Economic and political advantage

Background History of Kartarpur Corridor: The first guru of Sikhism, Guru Nanak, founded in 1504CE (common Era) on the right bank of the Ravi river. He establishes the first Sikh...


Introduction: In this paper, we discuss Nuclear asymmetry in the prospect of liberal peace. Nuclear asymmetry means a nuclear imbalance between states. Nuclear asymmetry doesn’t mean one state has nuclear...