Discrimination Towards Religion in Pakistan

In the Holy month of Ramadan, where the people are trying not to get infected by Coronavirus. This is the best way to survive in a country...
Karachi Agreement

Sold down the River – Karachi Agreement

The Karachi Pact (1949), 28 April After the war between India and Pakistan in 1947, Azad Jammu and Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan came under...
kashmir issue

Kashmir Issue With The Upstanding Solution

Kashmir issue & Its Solution Kashmir an occupied & disputed state for the last 70 years. We failed to achieve a Referendum. To this...
nondescript democracy

Nondescript Democracy Of Pakistan

It was being marked the final year of the tenure of General Ishfaq Kiani, the operation against Usama bin Ladin and saliva attacks were been conducted in...
civil supremacy

Civil Supremacy: A dream

The World is fighting a monster but yet some are quarreling over the split milk. Amidst the destructions of CoVid-19, no one in Pakistan has forgotten the...
admission in medical colleges

How Many Students Get Admission In Medical Colleges & Pursuing a Medical Career?

COVID-19 Crisis: A Difficult Situation Pakistan is suffering from an enormous hit of the pandemic Coronavirus so as the world. The virus emerged in...
smart lockdown

Smart Lockdown in Azad Kashmir

Coronavirus also termed as COVID-19 has put the world into a coop. The total number of confirmed cases globally is around 2,908,527. Also, the worldwide death toll...
Freedom Fighters

The Sons Who Never Returned- A Story Of Freedom Fighters

The ones we love are enemies of the state. From childhood, Hasan had revolutionary inspirations. He was the youngest amongst his family members. This was the...
oil market crash 2020

Oil Market Crash 2020 – Cheaper Than Fries

Oil market crash 2020 and possible factors While the world is going through the coronavirus crisis.  We also observed the oil market crash...
national security

Media Perception- How Can We Correlate It With National Security?

Media is now considered as the fourth pillar of the state in the modern era which helps the state to further its interests, objectives, and goals. It...