Security Dynamics

Security Dynamics And Great Powers Division in South Asia

Abstract The research paper observes the reflective variations that took place in the affairs of South Asia and the major powers. This paper...
Dr toqeer Gillani

An Open letter to Senator Joe Biden By Dr. Toqeer Gillani

The longest running dispute needs your urgent attention. Help people of Jammu Kashmir State to be free. An open letter to Senator Joe Biden,...
The genesis of the Kashmir resistance movement

The genesis of the Kashmir resistance movement – Sibghatullah

The discord of Kashmiris with Delhi started in 1586 when Yusuf Shah Chak(the last independent Kashmiri ruler), was dethroned and later killed by the Mughal Emperor Akbar....
پلندری پوسٹ گریجویٹ ڈگری کالج

پلندری پوسٹ گریجویٹ ڈگری کالج : دعوے اور حقیقت

گورنمنٹ بوائز ڈگری کالج پلندری میں پڑھانے والے چند پروفیسر حضرات کے تبادلوں کو لے کر گزشتہ کچھ روز سے سوشل میڈیا،پلندری...
فتح قسطنطنیہ:

فتح قسطنطنیہ: جب رسول اللہ ص کی پیشنگوئی پوری ہوئی

قوموں کی تاریخ میں کچھ سنہری دن ہوتے ہیں جن پر قومیں فخر محسوس کرتی ہیں۔ اور اگر ان میں رسول اللہ ص کی جانب سے دی جانے والی...
Israel's ill-will

Israel’s ill-will

West Bank is the former British-mandated (1920–47) territory of Palestine west of the Jordan River, claimed from 1949 to 1988 as part of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan but...

Anarchism for a Post-modern Age

"The thin and precarious crust of decency is all that separates any civilization, however impressive, from the hell of anarchy or systematic tyranny which dwell wait...
The Liberator who tarnished his Freedom

The Liberator who tarnished his Freedom

August 1990. On a somber morning, a medium height, the fair-skinned old man was sitting in his balcony. “The guests are...

Discrimination Towards Religion in Pakistan

In the Holy month of Ramadan, where the people are trying not to get infected by Coronavirus. This is the best way to survive in a country...
Karachi Agreement

Sold down the River – Karachi Agreement

The Karachi Pact (1949), 28 April After the war between India and Pakistan in 1947, Azad Jammu and Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan came under...