Thursday, October 28, 2021
Blame Trump's Administration

US Senator Blame Trump’s Administration That Helps Taliban to Take Control Of Afghanistan

US Senator Chris Van Hollen on Tuesday blame that former President Trump’s administration had helped the Taliban to take control of Afghanistan, and defended Pakistan, saying the country had...
UN delegate

UN delegate Meets Interior Minister Of Taliban Government, Sirajuddin Haqqani

A UN delegate has met Interior Minister Of the Taliban Government, Sirajuddin Haqqani who was for years was one of the world's most wanted militants and is now part...
economic affairs

UAE Desires To Increase Economic Affairs o $1 Trillion With Israel

The ambassador of the United Arab emirates desires to have stability in economic affairs with Israel. They also want to raise the value of their economy by more than...

Microsoft Licensed Chatbot Would Help People To Communicate With Dead Person.

Microsoft developer in New York licensed chatbot that would help alive people to have a communication with their dead loved ones. It is an advancement in the field of...
horror films

US Company Provides $1300 Allowance To Watch Horror Films

A finance company in the United States decided to give $1300 allowance to the individuals on watching 13 horror films in the month of October. This will helps to...
Indian Media Shows More Interest

Indian Media Shows More Interest About Afghan Women But Not Even Talk about How...

Tariq Ghazni, an Afghan Taliban Associated Journalist, talk to an Indian news channel, Aaj Tak. He called as a guest in Anjana Om Kashyap’s show and targeted...
hybrid rice

Universities Of Pakistan And China Produces High-Yield Hybrid Rice.

Pakistan having an advantage of CEPC due to which the universities of Pakistan and Wuhan took the initiative to structurize the technology in such a way that helps to...

Afghans rush towards the border when found airport closed

Afghans seeking to escape the country flocked to its borders while banks were packed with customers. Foreign donors struggled to plan for a mounting humanitarian crisis following the Taliban's...
Imran Erdogan talk about circumstances in Afghanistan

Imran, Erdogan talks about expeditious evolving circumstances in Afghanistan

President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan met with Prime Minister Imran Khan on sunday. Both leaders talks about expeditious evolving circumstances in Afghanistan. A statememt from the Prime Minister's...
Power Sharing Deal

Afghanistan President Offers Power Sharing Deal With Taliban To End Conflict

Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani decided to have a power-sharing deal with the Taliban on Thursday in Qatar. They have arranged a conference in Qatar at which they offered the...