Thursday, October 28, 2021
US journalist

Us Journalist Shows Courtesy For PM Imran Khan’s Helpful Gesture And Evacuation When Nobody...

European Council President Charles Michael made a call to the Prime Minister of Pakistan on Thursday and talked about Afghanistan's unfolding situation. He also the strength of courtesy and...
Blame Trump's Administration

US Senator Blame Trump’s Administration That Helps Taliban to Take Control Of Afghanistan

US Senator Chris Van Hollen on Tuesday blame that former President Trump’s administration had helped the Taliban to take control of Afghanistan, and defended Pakistan, saying the country had...
Washington slams Afghan security forces

Washington slams Afghan security forces for not defending state after Taliban captures sixth provincial...

KABUL, Aug 9 (ATT) - The United States said it was up to Afghan security forces to defend the country after Taliban militants captured a sixth provincial capital on...
Advertising Satellite

Elon Musk Takes Initiative of Inaugurating Satellites That Will Provide Advertisement in Space

SpaceX is originated by Elon Musk in 2002 with the aim of equalizing the costs of space transportation that facilitate the colonization of Mars besides that SpaceX accomplishes the Falcon...
Taliban Attacks

U.S. Strikes Prompt Taliban Attacks In Provincial Cities, Commanders Claim

The three militant commanders said on Aug 5 that the Taliban were terribly humiliated by US militants and their obligations and asylum for their people momentary refused to be...
Human action changing climate

Human action changing climate at ‘unprecedented’ rate, UN report says

Climate scientists working from across the globe said in a crucial UN report that humanity will experience more extreme weather in the coming years and suffer from rising sea levels and melting Arctic ice.
India Uses Israeli Spyware

India Uses Israeli Spyware, Pegasus, To Spy On Govt Officials’ Cell Phones Including Prime...

India was among a number of countries using an Israeli company's spyware in attempted and successful hacks of smartphones belonging to journalists, government officials and human rights activists around...
Ghazni City

After Occupying Ghazni City Taliban Gets More Closer To Afghanistan’s Capital

Senior lawmakers and the insurgents stated on Thursday that the Taliban had finally occupied Afghanistan’s city Ghazni that is about 150 kilometers away from the capital city Kabul. This...

India halts the diplomatic mission in Afghanistan and pulls out its citizens back.

The Indian government sent a plane to northern Afghanistan on Tuesday and urged its citizens to flight back to India as Afghan security forces and Taliban have serious clashes...
challenges to afghanistan

Challenges To Afghanistan After US-Taliban Peace Deal

Before we discuss the Challenges To Afghanistan after the US-Taliban Peace deal we will discuss that America has never fought a war that it is being currently fighting in...