Thursday, June 17, 2021
Abrahamic peace

God’s Subordinate Nations Desire Peace In War And War In Peace

An account on Abrahamic peace (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || ).push({}); Why do all ideologies claim that they have an absolute system to make this world a better...
challenges to afghanistan

Challenges To Afghanistan After US-Taliban Peace Deal

Before we discuss the Challenges To Afghanistan after the US-Taliban Peace deal we will discuss that America has never fought a war that it is being currently fighting in...
lebanon explosion

Beirut Explosion- An Epic Story Of Political & Economic Crisis

Lebanon, 1943 to 2020, An Epic story of political and economic crisis The Beirut explosion shook economically devastated Lebanon. Due to inflation, corruption, and unemployment, the people of Lebanon demanded...
admission in universities

Government Declares New Eligibility Criteria For The Admission In Universities

Federal Government Announcement The federal Minister for Education, Shafqat Mehmood has announced this Thursday that the government cannot put the lives of thousands of students in danger due to Coronavirus...
oil production

OPEC and allies to decide on historic oil production cut as coronavirus ravages demand

Historic Oil Production Cut The world's largest oil-producing states will hold an emergency meeting on Thursday. It tries to negotiate a reduction in historic oil production cuts. As the Coronavirus...
afghanistan peace talks

Taliban Break Off Peace Talks With Afghan Government On Prisoner Exchange

Peace Talks Kabul - On Tuesday, the Taliban break peace talks with the Afghan government on prisoners exchange, an important step in peace negotiations after the US agreed to a...

What Is Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome? | Symptoms & Cure

When the world is facing a severe problem of Coronavirus Outbreak, Some countries are also facing some other diseases. These diseases are Swine Flu and Bird flu. One such...
Peace Talks with Taliban

Peace Talks with Taliban- What’s Inside The Deal To End War & Pullout Of...

The US and the Taliban agreed to end the 18 years of war that cost thousands of lives and bring peace. The Peace deal ensures a pullout of US...
FATF Pakistan

Pakistan Remains In A Grey List To Accomplish Action Plan- Final Decision By FATF...

Financial Action Task Force (FATF) Do you know about FATF and what kind of role this financial body plays?. The FATF full form is the financial action task force...
Pakistani Movie

Pakistani Movie- The Legend Of Maula Jatt Comeback- End Of Controversy Or What?

Sarwar Bhatti Claimed Copyrights Violation- Back In 2017 Pakistani movie 'The Legend of Maula Jatt' trailer released by the producer Ammara Hikmat and Director Bilal Lashari. On this Sarwar Bhatti...