Saturday, April 10, 2021

Usama Mumtaz

Dropping the Iron Curtain on Jammu Kashmir

Every whisper talks of fear, every breath is filled with uncertainty and confusion. What will be our future? What about our Freedom? The dream!...

The genesis of the Kashmir resistance movement – Sibghatullah

The discord of Kashmiris with Delhi started in 1586 when Yusuf Shah Chak(the last independent Kashmiri ruler), was dethroned and later killed by the...

The Liberator who tarnished his Freedom

August 1990. On a somber morning, a medium height, the fair-skinned old man was sitting in his balcony. “The guests are about to arrive;...

Sold down the River – Karachi Agreement

The Karachi Pact (1949), 28 April After the war between India and Pakistan in 1947, Azad Jammu and Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan came under Pakistan’s...

The Sons Who Never Returned- A Story Of Freedom Fighters

The ones we love are enemies of the state. From childhood, Hasan had revolutionary inspirations. He was the youngest amongst his family members. This...

Oil Market Crash 2020 – Cheaper Than Fries

Oil market crash 2020 and possible factors While the world is going through the coronavirus crisis.  We also observed the oil market crash 2020...

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