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Osama Tabasam is a student of International Relations, He was a Research reporter at StateViews.
What is Corona Virus

What is Corona Virus?- Conspiracy Theories- Symptoms & Prevention

What Is Corona Virus? Do you have any idea about what is Corona Virus.? From the past days, many believe that Coronavirus a Biological weapon. But who...
Mohammad Azmi Abdul Hamid

India completes 153 days of curfew in occupied Kashmir.

The curfew imposed by India in occupied Kashmir has been completed for 153 days.  The residents of the Kashmir  Valley are waiting for the attention of the world that has been playing a silent...
Economic Globalization

The Idea of Economic Globalization is the modern type of Colonialism

Written by: WAQAR AHMED Global politics is centered by the International Political Economy, mainly focused on the accumulation of wealth by a few sets...