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Rules & Requirements For Article Submission

  1. The article must contain a clearly stated reason that your topic is likely to attract readers by an informed audience that follows the issue.
  2. It must have a title comprised of 60 characters
  3. The minimum length of your article should be 500 to 700 words. We occasionally accept more than that but worthy ones.
  4. The article must be clear, concise, direct sentences and with short paragraphs along with Headings.
  5. The article must differ from the original news/content that means your article should be in your own words (unique content) without plagiarism.
  6. The topics should be the latest and according to the current scenario.
  7. The Oped articles you must go in-depth with coverage and analysis not found in mainstream media outlets. It must include your own contextualization and must be fact-driven.

Submit the article “ready to go” and do not expect editors to do your job. The best article is one that needs almost no editing.