America first

Written by: Shamsuddin Baloch


Trump’s America first theme reflects the center’s consistent view that the United States is on an exceptional nation that should answer to its own citizens, through whose consent the government functions, and not to foreign entities.

Moreover, In his national security strategy, the president repeatedly calls for the strengthening the sovereignty of the nation both at home and worldwide. The first duty of government is to serve the interest of its own people and serve USA borders and territory, even more, important than securing the borders is something the center has stressed from the start. Defend the homeland against the enemy’s weapons of mass destruction and missiles. However, President Trump called for a ” Layered missile system” to strike enemy missiles in every stage of their trajectories.

So far, President Trump’s strategy stresses defenses against Iran and North Korea, while the center has identified Russia’s formidable ICBM and China’s growing missile arsenal, as clear and personal danger.

America First

Moreover, President Trump’s trademark call to build a wall on the Mexican border.  And to tightened immigration policy is the first policy progress we have seen. Moreover, Trump’s border and immigration strategy give four priorities. To enhance border security, enhance vetting of foreigners entering the country, enforce migration laws and bolster transportation security. In addition to this, the USA economy has been in the context of national security, but Trump takes a more overarching approach in his America first strategy by working on rejuvenate the domestic economy, promote free, fair and reciprocal economic relationship, lead in research an technology; and promote the USA national security.

President Trump’s strategy emphases expanding American global influence. In diverse ways that do not require force. It appears to reject nation-building instead. It appears to envision the US as an inspirational and catalyst for change. But not a driver of change to re-create the world order in an American image.

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