Veteran actor Meera is known for her unfiltered statements about the entertainment fraternity. In her decade-long career, the diva has been involved in many scuffles with renowned celebrities such as Saba Qamar, Mahira Khan and Reema Khan. But this time, while appearing on the Super Over show, the Nazar actor revealed that she does not hold a personal grudge against anyone.

Upon being asked about her recent rifts with Mahira and Reema, the star mentioned she wishes well for everybody. “I always think good for everyone even if it’s Mahira or Reema. We might differ in our thoughts but we don’t have any personal animosity with each other. All of these fights and rifts are for the public. All these people on social media have a lot of free time to troll everyone, from leaving horrible comments about superstars to spreading rumours, they have plenty of time to speculate about us,” expressed the Baaji star.

Before concluding the conversation, Meera explained that she does believe in keeping friends in the industry. “If you talk about work, then I have no friends because work in entertainment is competition and I always intend on being a tough match for anyone standing next to me,” she shared.

Prior to this, Meera called out Mahira in an interview with The Express Tribune in 2015, claiming the Verna star had plotted a vile campaign against her. “Mahira Khan replaced me in a major project by Momina Duraid — she literally took that project away from me,” she stated. In 2019, Meera and Reema had a bitter exchange which involved harsh words and physical abuse. Meera alleged that the Love Mein Ghum star hurt her with her elbow, adding that she is a “sick woman.”

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