Afghans seeking to escape the country flocked to its borders while banks were packed with customers. Foreign donors struggled to plan for a mounting humanitarian crisis following the Taliban’s takeover.

When US forces remove from Afghanishtan all their banks, hospital and government are still focused and in use by the Taliban forces. As these all departments were previously helped the westerns during their 20-year war.

Talibans foes closed kabul airport so that no afghani would try to leave Afghanistan. Moreover, there are other private efforts of certain countries like Pakistan, central Asian states and Iran with whom they have common borders. They have arranged a safe way for them to leave through land services.

There were large number of people on Afghanistan side who were waiting for gate to be open and they all leave the country. Thousands of people were waiting at different gate to be open some of them remained at Islam Qala border post between Afghanistan and Iran.

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Among a group of eight Afghan who passed the Iran quoted that “I felt that being among Iranian security forces brought some kind of relaxation for Afghans as they entered Iran, compared with the past.” When the Taliban occupied in the mid of august approximately 123,000 people were removed from kabul in US led airlift and ten thousands of them were still there at risk.

As per Germany thinks that between 10,000 and 40,000 Afghan staff are still working in the Afghanistan organization. Germany gave the statement that if they feel danger in Afghanistan then they may join them. Moreover the government of uzbekistan quoted that the only Afghans are allow to fly to Germany those who are maintained at German list. This is because the land border with Afgahanistan is still closed.


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