Sunday, February 5, 2023

About Us

Welcome to the Asian Think Tank! This website absolutely has an open-access platform that features high-quality research articles. You can share your strong opinion and provide an in-depth understanding of a particular topic, and expect readers to accept the opinion of writers, analysts, and researchers equally. We took this initiative in September 2019. A team of expert analysts, educators, and researchers concerned with all the significant information concerning Asia strives hard to provide an effective solution to the current and upcoming problems. 

Therefore, we maintain an unbiased editorial stance based on scholarly principles. We do not align ourselves with any specific movements. ATT seeks to provide an open platform to allow our authors the freedom to present expert analysis from a vast range of positions. We do not have any corporate owners, investors, or financial connections to other organizations.

ATT divided Asia into six different regions that are:

  • Central Asia
  • South Asia
  • South-East Asia
  • Western Asia (The Middle East or Near East)
  • Eurasia
  • Northern Asia


What are we providing?

  • To identify and overcome the problems concerning Asia and come up with the consequences and solutions for those problems that can be implemented to either eradicate or minimize those problems.
  • We can explore Asia’s diverse cultures, religions, social harmony, historical background, and evolution. It is simply a broad focus from Yamen to Japan and from East Timor to Azerbaijan.
  • We will organize seminars/webinars on different topics and send the crux of the research to the specific NGOs/Embassies of that specific interest. This strategy will strengthen the goals and make the mechanism of ATT more effective and valuable.
  • Anyone can share their opinions and analysis regarding Asian politics, regional affairs, Asian issues to connect with the world outside.
  • We are here to generate and provide the best source of knowledge for students of Politics and International Relations.
  • We are providing an open opportunity for students and scholars of International Relations who are interested in Regional politics, Asian affairs, and issues to publish their research, which remain unpublished due to the high standard of other journals.
  • ATT platform is ready to explore the geopolitical conflicts and their causes and analyze the continental, regional, and state economies by developing a brief understanding and research about the foreign policies of different states of Asia.
  • We are providing an Asian Think Tank Internship Program to guide the newbie researchers to research a particular topic and come up with some accurate conclusions.


Our goal is to empower youth and make them realize their power to change the world. We consider the point of views, ideas, and opinions and abode by one strict rule “Everyone of us has the power to change the world,” and this is what we envision to do. We are here to gather the expertise of Asia for representable foreign policy solutions.  


Asian Think Tank is an initiative by a team of expert analysts, educators, and researchers concerned with all the significant information regarding the Asian region to explore the traditional and non-traditional issues of this area of interest and address the issues identified by stakeholders in realizing future challenges. Our dogmatic mechanism expedites apprised decision-making based on in-depth understanding.