Horse riding and Mix Martial arts

Pakistani talent and pride Anayah Dar who is just 7 years old and a second grader shows her enthusiasm and passion for horse riding and mix martial arts. As she dreamed to become a great and professional horse rider and mix martial artist. She doesn’t want to confine her desire to just take it as a hobby rather she wants to showcase her talent nationally and internationally.

At the age of 5 when kids usually feel difficult to perform these kinds of activities but Anayah tried her best at horse riding. On her expertise in riding horses so she owned an Anglo Arabian horse which is one of the finest breeds of horses and succeed in the intraclub competition.

Besides that, she also left the spectators jaw-dropped as being a brilliant youngest one in a club. Her talent and capabilities are honorably praised and appreciated by her instructor. Her instructor is expecting her to be the greatest horse rider in Pakistan and perform for the pride of Pakistan soon.

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Anayah is actively involved in horse riding and Mix Martial arts as well, as she daily practices and polishes her skills to be the best Martial artist in Pakistan. She is practicing to be a Youngest Girl MMA Fighter from Pakistan and has promised to achieve this goal by hook or by crook. 

For that, she is a member of esteemed gyms of the world, UFC Pakistan, where she can challenge herself every day to be great at boxing and Jiu-Jitsu under the supervision of world-class and international coaches. Her daily effort and enthusiasm show how passionate is she in accomplishing all her dreams at a very young age.


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