Here are the expert answers to the most common queries about Mohs skin surgery. Read this article to understand 5 reasons for skin cancer surgery is not much scary that most people thought about it.

What is Skin Cancer Surgery Procedure?

Frederic Mohs is a professor of surgery at the University of Wisconsin. He developed the treatment in the 1930s in which the tissue-sparing technique is applied. The treatment goes layer by layer and monitoring 100 percent of the margin in order to trace out cancer using a microscope. (Engelman).

The skin cancer removal procedure is done under local anesthesia and you will be awake during this procedure. The surgeon cuts a piece of the tumor out of your body with a scalpel. Then a lab technician freezes and stains the tissues for the surgeon so that he can analyze under a microscope.

Cancer grows in your body like roots of a tree, explains Brett Coldiron, MD, the founder of The Skin Cancer Center in Cincinnati, Ohio at the University of Cincinnati. He said what we do in Mohs surgery is cut out a disc of skin and then check for roots poking through. It’s very clear under the microscope. If a root is visible then the surgeon will remove another layer of the tumor. He repeats the same process until the cancer is gone. Mohs skin cancer surgery center provides you 99% cure.

What is Curable By Skin Cancer surgery?

Coldiron says Moh’s surgery is very beneficial around the eyes, nose, mouth, and ears. “The tumor along the cheek is also curable even though it is a large tumor. Moreover, Mohs surgery for skin cancer can be done on the hands, feet, and neck and also the areas you would like to preserve as many tissues as possible. (Engelman)  

mohs skin cancer surgery

Mohs surgery is generally done in dermatology and skin cancer surgery centers. It is used on basal and squamous cell cancers and in some cases it can be used to treat melanoma only if the cancer is thin or confined to the outer layer of skin.

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How Long Is This Treatment?

This treatment is expected to bedone in one to three hours almost. when your surgeon removes the first layer of tissue, it takes about 10 minutes. Then you will be sent to the waiting room for about a half-hour. So that surgeon examines the tumor within this time. Then again you’ll come to either get stitched up, which takes more 20 minutes or have another piece of the tumor removed. 

Will It Be Painful?

According to Engelman, Mohs skin cancer surgery is no more than a biopsy. That particular area is numbed with enough lidocaine, a local anesthetic that lessens pain to last for about two and a half to three hours. You just feel the initial stick of the needle and some pressure but you will not feel pain.

After the treatment, some patients only experience minimal pain in certain areas like the legs or the sensitive areas (skin over joins). After the treatment, you just need proper medication for some days. If you feel more pain then take Tylenol but avoid aspirin, naproxen, ibuprofen especially in the first fees days after surgery a sit increase the risk of bleeding. In short skin cancer removal is an easy and less painful process.

Will There Be a Scar?

Yes, there is! but over time it will become lighter and lighter. This takes almost 6 months for the redness to fade and for the scar to settle down. Patients will become happy at the end after watching the results (Coldiron). If you want that your wound heals perfectly then you need to follow the post skin cancer surgery instructions given by your doctor. If you kept your scar moist and covered with bandage then it heals quickly instead of exposing it in air. You can also visit the website of the American College of Mohs Surgery to find out your dermatologist is Mohs specialist or not.

I hope you’ll get the expert answers to your most common queries by reading this article. Share your precious thoughts with us in the comment section below.



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